My artistic work is developed around transdisciplinarity, intersectional dialogues between body, gender, nature and technology. I consider contemporary artistic work to be a social and personal need, based on creating spaces for learning and research through art.  The material dimension of the works depends on the pertinent artistic medium or device to understand the complexity of the research or concept of it. The development of my artistic process conceives the investigation of the body's physics and its relationship with architecture, through the creation of experiences. Through action-art I have been able to find actions that facilitate this process and that allow me to access questions about the aesthetics of spaces. Understanding and generating deviant proposals from their uses: intimate, private and public; generating new questions about the body in relation to space. Another fundamental axis in my artistic work is the use of technologies. I have worked with video-mapping and the production of sound production as a resource that generates immersive experiences, virtual scenarios, auditory experiences, sound performance, among others.I believe that art and technology seek a new or imminent future; they share the same anxieties and conditions, and aspire to solve the essential problems of humanity. Ecofeminism is one of the most important axis, considering nature and cyborg theories as important concepts around my work.